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As a child, I was thrilled to learn that John Steinbeck, who was always my favorite author, wrote his novels in longhand on yellow legal pads. I was never without one after that. I have had detours over the years, ones that have taken me away from my writing dream, but I am a writer first and foremost. I have books to fill and stories to tell. I hope you will enjoy what you read here. I am here to help you write your stories of life, love, loss or success. Let’s connect.

Road to Ruby

Many years ago, I would say to my father: I'm bored, Daddy, what can I do? He would reply with one of two answers: He would say, "Cock-a-doodle do!" or, "Go read the dictionary." He also had another book for me. "The Word Finder," (copyright, 1947, by Rodale Press). The Preface ends with these words: "The editors sincerely trust that all students of this book will succeed in sending winged words on far-flung odysseys to Fame." (Edward J. Fluck, PH.D.)

It is my desire that my words will wing their way to you, uplift you, move you and make a difference.


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